The Nordic Edge Team

The Nordic Edge Team consists of a seasoned team combining skills from innovation, business development, branding, communication, sales and project management.

We have cross-sector experience from a broad range of industries, ranging from energy, utilities, telecom, mobility, and infrastructure to advertising, events & entertainment, education, fintech and the public sector. Hence, we understand the dynamics of the technological change affecting all sectors, and we are eager to assist cities, communities and companies in interpreting how this change could promote smarter and greener products and services.

Nordic Edge Expo will be held at Stavanger Forum.

Herbjørn Tjeltveit
Chief Executive Officer
+47 475 09 105

Bjarne Uldal
Chief Marketing Officer
+47 915 47 653

Elisabeth Krey Jenssen
Project & Communications Manager
+47 930 26 225

Stacia Grant-Nicholas
Project Director
+47 954 92 972

Geir Frode Skjæveland
Business Developer (Nordic Mobility)
+47 450 02 472

Anne-Grete Pettersen
Business Developer (Denmark)
+45 6140 0675

Kristin Gustavsen
Project Manager
+47 922 07 555

Helene Gram
Project Manager – Know How EdTech
+ 47 98 44 21 08

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