Community is the largest technology conference in Norway.

Community will be held in Stavanger September 26. – as part of Nordic Edge Expo

Atea specialises in IT infrastructure and wishes to contribute in building IT within Norway. In close cooperation with customers and partners, Atea develops solutions the next generation will be proud of.

Industry 4.0 will be a global game-changer in the coming years, with cities prepared with the smartest deck remaining the strongest cardholders. Never has the possibilities of tempo, flexibility and technology affected our everyday lives more. How can we educate and equip our youngest to become 21st Century citizens? How can we best distribute and maintain the human touch while managing a growing ageing population needs? We need to invest in lifelong and sustainable learning for our employees while maintaining financial growth in an increasingly globalised and competitive market.

Conference Room: 09:00 – Keynote – Lysefjorden


Program in Norwegian:

A technological energy boost: Work smarter and more efficiently with innovative collaboration solutions. Cloud services make you available wherever and whenever; be well assured your IT-security is taken care of.

Education institutions prepare children for the 21st Century new arena of society. Globalisation and digitalization toughen the battle for a spot on the podium. How can we train students and teachers in becoming technological athletes?

Welfare Technology
Smart welfare technology releases caring hands and provides security for both users and relatives. With customised solutions, the municipality obtains increased efficiency, safety and better treatment.

Industry 4.0
Norwegian industry production is standing on the edge of a new era: A new generation of jobs is developing, requiring new competence. Production is being brought home for increased flexibility, speed and precision. How does this affect our profits?

Digitalization and leadership
Norwegian industry invests heavily in digitalization but still fails to utilise the full potential of already exciting technology. Employees open for lifelong learning and fast adaptability are the job winners of the future. How can we ensure profitable growth with collaboration between technology and employees?