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KnowHow EdTech will present you with the newest of innovative solutions, trends and driving forces in EdTech.

See you on the 27th September 2018!

EdTech presentations

Nordic Edge published the presentations used during EdTech. The list of available presentations can be found here.


KnowHow EdTech program 26.09


Speakers at the EdTech Conference


Stavanger Forum

As smart cities, we need to use the best educational tools to create the employees of the future. KnowHow EdTech will inspire and give you some ideas on how.

KnowHow EdTech will provide the best regional, national and international speakers

We will present innovation, trends and benchmark practices, and the driving forces in current education. We will talk about the students of the future who will be technology-skilled employees when they enter the job market with certain expectations about how to work together through efficient use of technology. We address education at both primary, secondary and higher education levels.

The target group for educational technology is threefold;

  • educators (teachers, lecturers, principles, classroom assistants)
  • business developers (training, qualifications and expertise), and last, but not least,
  • politicians and managers (involved in legislation and policy making)

The main topics for this year’s conference will be:

  • What happens with teaching and training when students bring their own devices?
  • How do we work, generate content and how do we evaluate students?

The Nordic KnowHow EdTech Conference and Expo:

  • Gamification in learning
  • Adaptive learning and learning analytics
  • Future digital competence
  • Education in 3D
  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and STEAM (+Art)
  • Innovative learning solutions
  • Virtual Learning Environments

Conference Room: Mastrafjorden

Break Area: Forum Torg

KnowHow EdTech

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