This is Nordic Edge 2019

The fifth edition of Nordic Edge Expo delivered a thought-provoking three-day conference and world-class exhibition.

Nordic Edge Expo has a track record of attracting Smart City decision makers from both the private and the public sector. Our wonderful co-organisers from the Nordics and beyond ensured new insights into Smart City trends:

The European Commission, Oslo Police District, Local Governments for Sustainability, DOGA, Forum Virium, European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities & Communities (EIP-SCC), EU Smart Cities Information System (SCIS), Délice - the global city network on food and gastronomy, Open & Agile Smart Cities, 6Aika, municipalities and research institutions are among this year's co-organisers. Click this link to see full programme descriptions.

It’s a Cornucopia of Smart City Insights.

Life Actually  

In 2018 the theme for Nordic Edge Expo was Smart with a Heart. In 2019 we followed up with: Life Actually because technology is an enabler for change. However, the most important asset of a liveable and sustainable community is its people. This year approximately 5000 attendees from 50 countries are expected to come to Stavanger, Norway for the event.

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What people say

Nordic Edge Expo is an exciting and very important arena for us. For the municipalities, it is a great opportunity to meet, learn from others, and to show their own work

Helene Arholm, Regional Director of KS

If you haven’t been to Nordic Edge Expo before, plan on coming next year. There is a really great buzz. People are walking around talking to exhibitors, talking to each other. Asking some really great questions.

Richard Elberger, Global IoT Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon

It is fantastic because you can see so many people really committed to the future, to what is important. It’s particularly interesting to see the connection between decisions made at political level and what happens in every day life for citizens and try to go beyond the big words which we hear everywhere and try to understand what it really means in practical terms, because it is only if you what happens in real life for every citizen you can actually make the right decisions.

Thierry Béchet, EUs Ambassadør til Norge

The Nordics have an opportunity, even a responsibility to take a real leadership position on all things sustainability, sustainable cities and beyond. I am very impressed and would say that Nordic Edge Expo is the right place to do it.

Robert Strand, University of California, Berkeley and Copenhagen Business School

I am very inspired. If you want to describe digital and moving that into liveability its about partnerships and that can happen here at Nordic Edge.

Hilde Tonne, Chief Innovation Officer at Ramboll Group

This is Nordic Edge

Nordic Edge ties people, companies and cities together. We accelerate development across sectors, borders and regions for a smarter, more sustainable future.

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Nordic Edge Asia

The second annual Nordic Edge Asia summit will take place in China in April 2020.

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