Inge Grini

CEO, Nextbridge AS

How Analytics helps to understand the real movement of people, using mobile network and other data

NextBridge Analytics AS is a company dedicated to Big Data and IoT Analytics, specialising in Smart City initiatives. Our data scientists all have PhD with background quantitative subjects and conduct research and development for municipalities, and other clients.

Passive data from cell phones provide valuable information on whereabouts and movements of people. In our mobility research, we have investigated the use of this massive dataset as a valuable source of information to model mobility and activities in a region. The main challenge is that mobile radio cell data have low spatial precision and noise which requires careful data processing to access valuable hidden information. We will show how these data and other – unstructured – data can be utilised to enhance city planning, public transport and business planning for the transport and tourism sectors.

Inge Grini will be speaking on the Expo Stage on Thursday 28th September at 14:00.