100+ speakers from both the corporate world, public sector, academia and the startup-scene.

Presentations from Nordic Edge

Nordic Edge published some of the presentations used during the conference. The list of available presentations can be found here.

Gaining an Edge - Welcome to Stavanger

Christine Sagen Helgø
Mayor, Stavanger Municipality

The Nordic Model - A Starting Point for Smart Cities

Dagfinn Høybråten
Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers

Why cities need MAGIC in their quest for Smartness

Annelene Næss
Director of Smart Digital at Telenor Norway

Chinese Smart City

Changhua Wu
President of China Redesign Hub and Vice Chair of World Green Design Organisation

The Building Blocks of City Digitization

Amr Salem
Global Managing Director - Smart Cities and IoT for Public Sector at Cisco Systems

Smart City Ambitions and Visions of the European Commission

Andreea Strachinescu
Head of Unit, DG Energy, European Commission

The Smart City Lighthouse Project, Triangulum

Damian Wagner
Senior Project Manager Smart Cities, Triangulum


Mary-Ann Schreurs
Deputy Mayor of Innovation and Design, Sustainability and Culture – City of Eindhoven

Smart collaborative leadership: The role of the cities

Gunn Marit Helgesen
President of The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS)

Technology as a driver for Value Creation in Smarter Society

Tim Turitto
Worldwide General Manager, Government at Microsoft

Innovative Leadership and Big Design - Strategy for a Smart and Open City

Morten Wolden
Chief Administrative Director, Trondheim Municipality

Smart City Business Models: Open Collaboration on a Horizontal Platform

Marc Jadoul
Market Development Director, Internet of Things, Nokia

Greater sustainability in urban development

Lotte Tøgersen
Director of Education & Research at VIA Engineering and Chair of the Resilience Lab Denmark, RLD

Conference Summary

Anita Krohn Traaseth
CEO, Innovation Norway

Smart City Vision and Strategy for the City of Oslo

Lene Lad Johansen
Project Manager, SmartOslo

Debate: What Makes a Good Smart City?

Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki
Deputy Mayor of Growth, Innovation and Competitiveness, Tampere

Debate: What Makes a Good Smart City

Jaroslav Kacer
Deputy Mayor of the City of Brno

Conference Host

Ivar Rusdal
Chairman of Nordic Edge AS, Stavanger

Conference Host

Tone Grindland
Head of Economic Development City of Stavanger

Democracy in the Area of New Technology

Hilde Sandvik
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Broen.xyz

When the (Social) Media Matters

Ingeborg Volan
Head of Newsroom Innovation and Development at Adressavisen

How to light a Digital Camp Fire

Niklas Lohmann
CEO, Haaartland

Creating Videos for the Modern Audience

Petter Ole Jakobsen
CTO, Vizrt Story

In an Age of Universal Greed: Sharing is a (R)evolutionary Act

Brigitta Jónsdóttir
Poetician/parliamentarian for the Pirate Party in the Icelandic Parliament & Chairman of IMMI

Health IoT: A new dimension to Technology Assisted Care

Arild Kristensen
Project Manager at Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

Watson IOT in Healthcare - What is it, and what is it capable of? 

Loek Vredenberg
Chief Technology Office, IBM Norway 

How can Big Data and Artificial Intelligence save lives and provide better healthcare?

Elisabeth Karlsen
Head of Products at eSmart Systems

A New Dimension to Technology Assisted Care / From Flow of Oil and Gas to Patient Flow

Morten Andresen
CEO of Imatis

Leading the Way to a Smart Future - Meet the new Lighthouse Cities

Heidi Kristina Jakobsen
Director at Stavanger Region European Office

The new lighthouse project RUGGEDISED - Glasgow

Gavin Slater
Group Manager - City Energy & H2020 RUGGEDISED, Glasgow City Council, UK

The new Lighthouse Project RUGGEDISED - Rotterdam

Albert Engels
Department of Urban Development, City of Rotterdam and Project Coordinator RUGGEDISED

The new lighthouse project RUGGEDISED - Umeå

Carina Aschan
Strategic Developer at the City Department of Comprehensive Planning in Umeå

The new Lighthouse Project mySmartLife

Christoph Lindemann
Head of Department SMARTCity and Innovation at the Borough of Hamburg Bergedorf, Project Leader mySMARTLife Hamburg

The New Lighthouse Project - mySmartLife

Benoit Cuvelier
mySmartLife Project Manager, Nantes Metrolpole

The new Lighthouse Project - mySmartLife

Mikko Martikka
Project Manager, mySMARTLife Helsinki

Risk, Security And Societal Values – Implications for Smart Cities?

Kenneth Pettersen
Associate Professor in Risk Management, University of Stavanger (UiS)

Risk Governance in Smart Cities

Ortwin Renn
Professor and Scientific Director, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V. (IASS)

Developing Smart Cities - Dilemmas in Societal Safety and Security  

Sissel Haugdal Jore
Associate Professor Center for Risk Management and Societal Safety at the University of Stavanger, Norway

Policy and Tool for Safe Technologies – Challenges in Risk analysis and Vulnerability Assessments

Janne Hagen
Chief Engineer and Project Manager for The Cyber Security Regulation Project, Norwegian Water Resources & Energy Directorate (NVE)

Astrid Simonsen Joos
CEO, Philips Lighting Nordics

Mobility Parallel Sessions

Siri Legernes
Head of Division, Architecture & Spatial Planning, Rambøll

Converging Mobility in Smart Cities

Michael Eimstad
Senior Commercial Manager Parking, Q-Free

Mobility as a Service

Sampo Hietanen
CEO at MaaS Global Ltd

Creating Smart Cities through Electric Free Float Car Sharing

Henrik Isaksen
Founder and Chairman, GreenMobility - Your City Car

Intelligent Parking Technology and Solutions ”Example of Installation”

Andreas Hartmann
Managing Director, ADEC Technologies AG

For life Outside the Parking Lot

Stian Andre Holst
Country Manager, EasyPark, Norway

Smart & Social Media in a Smart Future

Elin Stueland
Head of Online Department, Stavanger Aftenbladet

Schibsted – preparing for the future

Rolv Erik Ryssdal
CEO of Schibsted

AI and Smarter Media

Letizia Jaccheri
Professor at the Department of Computer Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Legacy Media searching for Tomorrows audience

Helje Solberg
Journalist and CEO/Editor of VGTV and Chairwoman of Faktisk.no 

Biometric Data – Will Future Marketers be Able to Target your Emotions?

Freddy Aursø
Founder & CEO, Lighthouse8 - Business Engineering, Norway

Making Life Easier

Hildegunn Soldal
Head of Digital at NRK, Norway’s public broadcaster

Smart City Transformation Pathways

Annemie Wyckmans
EERA Joint Programme Smart Cities Co-ordinator, Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, NTNU

Mini-Stern Evaluations of Chinese Cities / The Economics of Smart Low Carbon Cities

Andrew Gouldson
Director of the ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, Leeds University

Low Key Urban Spaces in a High- Tech World

Einar Sneve Martinussen
Associate Professor and coordinator of interaction design at DOGA

Huawei’s view on Smart City technologies

Eivind Mikkelsen
Product Manager, Huawei Norway

Design for buildings, infrastructure, cities, systems ... And complexity

Dan Hill
Associate Director at Arup, and Head of Arup Digital Studio

Smart streets of Copenhagen

Rikke Gram-Hansen
Senior Project Manager at Archiland A/S

Street Smart - Listening to the City

Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby
CTO of Urban Infrastructure Partner (UIP)

What is Nordic Life in Urban Spaces?

Jan Christian Vestre
CEO of Vestre AS

The Test Lab of a Smart City

Veera Mustonen
Head of Smart Kalasatama, Deputy CEO of Forum Virium Helsinki

Sparkling Spaces

Siri Holmboe Høibo
Advisor at DOGA in Architecture and Urban Development

Debate participant

Eirik Skjærseth
Founder, Bolder

Debate participant

Karen Elisabeth Ramsland
HR Manager, SpareBank 1 SR-Bank

Innovation Edge, How to Bring Life to your IoT

Stig Alstedt
Chief Technologist for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Norway

Expo Stage

Synneva Erland
Public Speaker, Communicator

Accelerate IoT Insights from the Intelligent Edge

Yanick Pouffary
Chief Technologist for Consulting Network and Mobility Service Line, HPE Pointnext

Healthcare is Going Mobile First

Aleksander Johannessen
Category Manager, HPE Aruba

Big Data, taking the leap from prototyping to full-scale adoption

Kjetil Halvorsen
Regional Manager, bWise

Refinery of the Future – A New Standard in Factory Efficiency and Safety

Matthias Roese
Domain Executive, Global Industries Manufacturing & Distribution, HPE

The Future Energy Systems are depending on Smart Charging Solutions

Gøran Vollan
Project Manager, Fortum Charge&Drive, Norway

How Analytics helps to understand the real movement of people, using mobile network and other data

Inge Grini
CEO, Nextbridge AS

Big Data Saves Lives

Albert Isern
CEO at Bismart

Home Charging and Technology

Moises Barea
Commercial Director, Wallbox Chargers

Smarter and Greener Solutions in Urban Transport

Bernt Reitan Jenssen
Chief Executive Officer, Ruter AS

Smart Choices Will Drive Smart Cities

Kari Ovesen Haugland
Head of Division, Transportation Planning in Rambøll Norway

Smart Choices Will Drive Smart Cities

Jukka-Pekka Pitkänen
Director, Urban Division, Ramboll Finland

Integrated Assessment for Smarter Cities

Ruth Kerrigan
Director of R&D, Integrated Environmental Solutions, Ireland

The RAMSES Transitions Handbook for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Cities

Efren Feliu
Climate Change Manager at the Urban and Territorial Sustainability Area in the Energy & Environment Division at Tecnalia, Spain

Welcome - Healthy Living in Smart Cities

Eli Karin Fosse
Director of Health and Social Services, City of Stavanger

The Smart Cities Guidance Package for Implementation, Scaling up and Transfer of Smart City Projects

James Kallaos
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Architecture and Design, NTNU

Smart City challenges and ambitions

Mika Hakosalo
Site Manager, GrowSmarter Stockholm

Smart Tampere

Teppo Rantanen
Executive Director for Economic Policy, Competitiveness and Innovation at the City of Tampere

Smart City Stavanger - Engaging through projects

Gunnar Crawford
Head of Smart City Stavanger

Smart organisations, Smart Cities

Shan Sharma
Strategy and innovation Director of Oorja Creative, Melbourne

Art City: Nuart presents Work, Create, Play

Martyn Reed
Founder and Director of Nuart Festival

Reclaiming Public Space

Jordan Seiler
Artist, Activist and Urban Interventionist. Founder of NOAD and Subvertisers International

Hacking the City

Mathieu Tremblin

The Hybrid Here, Now and Later

Angelique Spaninks
Director and Artistic Lead of Eindhoven’s MU Centre of Hybrid Art and Culture as well as Director and Lead Curator of the STRP Biënnale for creative technology

The Playable City

Hilary O´Shaughnessy
Lead Producer for Playable City

Big and Open data - The Role of Cities

Davor Meersman
General Manager, OASC and City of Things Lead, imec

City Collaboration on Open Data - Experiences from Finland

Matti Saastamoinen
Development Manager, Business Tampere

How the Nordics can punch above their weight and become a driving force in smart city development world-wide

Gard Jenssen
Gard Jenssen, Co-founder of Smart Cities Norway

Open Data Denmark - Creating a Market for Open Data in Denmark

Line Gerstrand Knive
Smart City Co-ordinator for the City of Aarhus

Smart Energy

Marianne Riddervold Kahrs
Project Manager, Smart Cities and Communities, Smart Innovation Norway

Network Markets for Local Energy Trade

Bernt A. Bremdal
Senior Advisor Smart Innovation Norway AS, Professor at The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

The Energy Industry is Ever Changing

Terese Troy Prebensen
CEO of Smart Energi/Partner Smart Energi Hvaler

Smart Energy and Climate Solutions for Sustainable Urban Development. The interaction between buildings, transportation and energy systems

Audhild Kvam
Marketing Director, Enova

eSmart Systems - provider of next generation IT solutions

Knut H. H. Johansen
CEO of eSmart Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Ramtin Matin
Lead Technological Strategist at Sparebank 1 - SR-bank

Surviving the age of AI

Peter Koraca
Lead Interaction Designer EVRY Strategic Design Lab

Banking Through Virtual Agents in a Connected Society

Hans Kristian Aas
Nordic FutureTech lead in Accenture

How AI solutions working on encrypted data can retain privacy in the Cloud

Pål Børseth-Hansen
Business Development Manager at Inmeta – part of the Crayon Group

Smart Small and Medium-sized Municipalities

Tor Ole Steinsland
Director of Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Kommunalbanken Norge

Why Smart is Smart

Frode Fjeldsbø
Mayor of the Municipality of Gjesdal

Moving the first Municipalities to the Cloud

Kai Atle Rød
CEO, Skill AS

Models for Public-Private Innovation in Cities

Gaute Hagerup
Smart City Manager, Innovation Norway

The Story of a Private Company that Scaled in a Public Market – The Story of Powel

Geir Nysetvold
Vice President, Strategy and R&D, Powel AS

Models for Public-Private Innovation in Cities - Panellist

Hege Schøyen Dillner
Group Executive Vice President, Sustainability, Veidekke

Amsterdam Smart City

Frans-Anton Vermast
Strategy Advisor, Amsterdam Smart City

Buy-from-Startups in Antwerpen

Tobias Verbist
Chief Architect at Digipolis, the IT Department of the City of Antwerp

Models for the Public-Private Innovation in Cities - Panallist

Hilde Hukkelberg
Director Innovation Norway, UK Office

Models for the Public-Private Innovation in Cities - Panallist

Henrik Bjørnager Jensen
International Director, Clean Cluster DK

Satellite Applications enhancing Quality of Life in Cities

Grazia Fiore
Research and Project Coordinator at Eurisy

Support and funding opportunities to develop satellite-based services for cities

Anja Strømme
Senior Adviser, Earth Observation, Norwegian Space Centre

Satellite Applications for Smart Sustainable Cities

John Dehls
Senior Research Scientist, Geological Survey of Norway (NGU)

City of Diemen: Monitoring soil subsidence and optimising maintenance works with the support of satellite imagery

Ron Kaptijn
Policy Officer, Department of Spatial Management, City of Diemen

Using Satellite Imagery to Optimise Maintenance Work of Water and Wastewater Pipelines

Lars Nørgård Holmegaard
Lemvig Water and Wastewater, Municipality of Lemvig, Denmark

Smart Cities & Regional Development

Rune Dahl Fitjar
Professor of Innovation Studies, University of Stavanger (UiS)

Smart Cities and Regional Development

Paul Benneworth
Senior Research Associate, University of Twente

Smart City and Regional Development

Igor Calzada
Urban Transformations H2020 European Senior Research Fellow, and Policy Adviser at the University of Oxford

Innovation: What makes it urban?

Grazia Concilio
Associate Professor in Urban Planning and Design, Politecnico di Milano

The Role of Smart Cities in Relation to Understanding Infrastructure Interdependencies

Aksel Ersoy
Lecturer in Urban Development Management, Oxford Brookes University

From Buzz to Business

Jon Christian Hillestad
Vice President, Telia Norway

Empowering Cities with Connected Public Lighting as an Information Pathway

Bram Joosen
Business Developer in Smart Public Spaces Department at Philips Lighting Research

Why do we need public/private eco-systems and how?

Shahzad Rana
National Technology Officer for Microsoft Norway

Smart City Challenges & Ambitions

Mikkel Balskilde Hansen
Head of Traffic Department, Copenhagen

CORAL Workshop - “Healthy Living in Smart Cities – Seizing Opportunities and Delivering Tangible Results” - Moderator

Jon Dawson
Director, of Jon Dawson Associates Ltd and also of Smarter Futures EEIG

The health dimensions of smart cities

Kristine Kårstad Skjøthaug

How innovation in mobility and transport can make citizens and communities healthier

Edwin Mermans
Senior Advisor International Affairs, Department of Mobility and Infrastructure from the Province of Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

How innovations in homes and housing can make citizens and communities healthier

Daniel Buhr
Professor for Policy Analysis and Political Economy at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Germany

How environmental innovations can make citizens and communities healthier

Ole Aasmoe
Advisor, Welfare Technology, Department of Healthcare and Social Services, Municipality of Varde, Den

Unwrapping the Nordic Model

Kristina Persson
Founder, Global Utmaning, Sweden

Unwrapping the Nordic Model

Camilla van Deurs
Partner, Director & Team Lead Design at Gehl Architects

Exporting Nordic Cities

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen
Founding Partner and Architect, Snøhetta, Norway

Exporting Nordic Cities

Jonas Törnblom
Chairman, Sweden-China Green Tech Alliance, Sweden

Exporting Nordic Cities

Anne Stenros
Chief Design Officer, City of Helsinki, Finland

Key-note EdTech

Transforming Education through Collaboration, Design, and Play

Rebecca Rufo-Tepper
Co-Executive Director, Institute of Play

Digital competence - the new class distinction?

Christian Sørbye Larsen
Special Adviser and Project Manager, Bærum Municipality

Debate participant

Tobias Heiberg
Leader of the UCC Academic University for Digitalization and Learning in Copenhagen

EdTech event host

Torgeir Waterhouse
Director Internet & New Media, IKT Norge

Atle Skaftun

Digital everyday life in Secondary School

Atle Skaftun
Professor of Reading Science, The Norwegian Reading Centre, University of Stavanger

Way of Working: Fun Learning

Lauri Järvilehto
CEO Lightneer Inc

Education in 3D

Brit Iren Hetland Haavik
Teacher, Vågen Upper Secondary School

Andreas Cassne

Sollentuna - a successful investment in cloud services at school

Andreas Cassne
ICT Strategic Councillor, The Educational Office in Sollentuna Municipality

Unwrapping the Nordic Model

Larry Beasley
Former Co-Director of Planning, City of Vancouver, Canada

VR in teaching of Molecular Biology

Lutz Andreas Eichacker
Professor in Biochemistry, University of Stavanger

VR in Teaching of Molecular Biology

Bizhan Zangiabadi
Technical Project Manager, PaleBlue AS

Dag Husebø

Digital everyday life in Secondary School

Dag Husebø
Prorector, University of Stavanger

Nina Wilhelmsen

Transform learning experiences with Watson

Nina Wilhelmsen
Business Unit Executive for Software, IBM Norway

How Municipalities can lead the way to Smarter Cities and Communities

Ulrika Holmgren
Senior Advisor Smart Cities and Communities, Smart Innovation Norway

How Municipalities can lead the way to Smarter Cities and Communities

Thor Moen
Leader Smart Cities and Communities

Learning in Statoil - and the Link to Individual Development

Anna Lena K. Borsheim
Learning Adviser, Global Business Services, Statoil ASA

Kristoffer Thomsen

Minecraft in education. Why?

Kristoffer Thomsen
Minecraft Mentor and Pedagogical Adviser, Microsoft

The new “woodwork” in school, STEM and STEAM

Eirik Jåtten
Principal, Revheim School

Nordic Innovation Host

Pellegrino Riccardi
Cross Cultural Expert, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Communications Consultant

Unwrapping the Nordic Model

András Simonyi
Managing Director, Center for Transatlantic Relations at the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Sollentuna - a successful investment in cloud services at school

Annika Agélii Genlott
Researcher and Digital Change Management Consultant